Language development in childcare

Language development is another critical factor in childcare. It helps your child understand or express their feelings, solve problems, establish relationships, and learn new skills. Learning and understanding is the primary step in childcare that leads the child to read and write. Every parent must focus on the early language development of their child.

Steps to encourage language development

The steps of learning in helpful language development are explained below. However, communication is the best way to encourage language development in childcare.

Talk with your child

It will help if you treat your child from his birth just like a talker. Try to talk with him in a different context and use as many words as you can. For instance, you can speak to him about the football match and the vegetables or fruits. This talk will help him in learning the new words and knowing how the terms work in the language.

Read with your child

Read the different books on various topics so your child would know and hear about new words. You can link the child’s life with the stories of the books for a better understanding. Read the books loudly as it will help your child learn the words commonly used in your language.
Language development in first five years of children:

  • 3 to 12 months: From the three months of birth, your child begins to laugh and smile. He starts communication by waving and gestures.
  • From the 4th month to the 8th month, the child starts to do babbling. The baby will make a single syllable word like aaa….ba….ba….ma. It may look like that a child wants to point out something, or he does want to say something, but you can’t recognize their words easily.
  • Their words might be recognizable in the 12th month.

[ Note: If your baby doesn’t start babbling and waving till the 12th month of their birth, then you must talk to a childcare specialist.]

Twelve months to two years of language development: At this age, your child starts to talk with meaning. For instance, if your child says BaBa, MaMa, or Dada, it’s evident that he is calling them. Most of the children start to make short sentences of two words in their talk. They start understanding what you talk about, and you begin to know what they are saying.

Three to five years of language development: You will notice that your child can speak about his needs and wants more conversationally. A child starts to express his feelings and thoughts at this age. He may ask questions about different things.
It is the age when the child wants to talk to his parents about different things. The child will come to learn more vocabulary and how the words sound.

Note: If you have any serious concerns about your child’s language development, then talk to your child’s doctor or childcare specialist.