Is America Democratic or Republic?

America and its political environment are always under the world’s eye. Anything that happens there, affects the world as it is one of the most powerful political entities in the world. Give me Liberty: An American History 5th edition talks in great lengths about it. However, we are presenting you our reasons to believe and decipher where America and its government stand Between Democratic and Republic.
First, let’s discuss what is the definition of republic and democratic.

A republic state

So, on common grounds, this is the most read and accepted the definition of a republic. According to the American Heritage Dictionary, “A political order in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who are entitled to vote for officers and representatives responsible to them”
Okay, so it leaves few or no power to a single individual like the president of prime minister. Now let take a look at the democratic definition.

A Democratic State

The most common definition of democracy understood by people is:
“Government by the people exercised either directly or through elected representatives”
This means that people choose their leaders from general elections as per the constitution and eligibility scenarios.

So what is America?

Well, you will be surprised to know that America is both. Yes, it is actually a democratic republic’ or so people say. That is why the debate of America’s political system is very old and still in progress. Some believe that America is Democratic while others says its republic. America it self beliefs and claims to be democratic as it holds elections and elects the presidents. So why the debate?

The Laws are made by the Public

America is accused to be a republic state as the legislative body does most of the decisions. The presidents have very low and limited power while the law is made through the vote of a majority of people.
It should also be noted that from its origin, America was stated as a republic by many patriots who fought the civil war. Yet with the passage of time the numbers and political patterns changed. Amendments were made.
These are all indications of a republic state however, there are certain majors changes that comply that America is half democratic as well.

Democratic indications

America has its own reason to claim they are the real democrats. First is the democratic elections that are held in the country after every certain period. And the constant occurrence of elected presidents. However, people argue that the existence of these people are a mere show and the actual power is in the Republican hands that control America internally.


America, according to neutral people is a democratic republic with balanced laws. But if you want to dig this matter deeper, do read ‘Give me Liberty: An American History’. The book shed light over the complete American history and its policy with their origins. So hurry up and buy your copy today!