Top tips for increasing the longevity of fresh blooms

flowers malvern east Flowers are a beautiful expression of love. Some even say that flowers can say more than words ever can. I believe that’s true.

The right kind of blooms is the perfect gift for any kind of event that you might be attending or for the times in between. No matter what the event might be, 80% of the times you will end up thinking, “How to find a good florist?” so that you can give the perfect gift. But surely you want for the bright flowers and bouquets to stay longer, regardless of whether you are giving them or are at the receivers end. You want to enjoy them for as long as possible.
Fresh flowers are beautiful but they have a short life span and they wither a bit too soon.
I am here today to give you a few tips that although will not make your flowers immortal but they will surely enhance the longevity of the flowers. Malvern florists are famous for applying such tips for their big blossoms.

Making sure the stems are dipped in the water while trimming

This one might come as a shocker. We all know that we should cut the stems of the fresh flowers before we put them in a vase. But the lesser known fact that helps the flowers to last a bit longer is that the flowers should be held underwater (say running water for instance) at a 45-degree angle whilst trimming from the ends. Cutting at an angle allows for a better surface area for the flowers to absorb water.

Adding vinegar and sugar to the water

Sugar and vinegar is one combination that no human would ever want to taste for whatever benefits, let alone consume, you can consider this as the ultimate cocktail for fresh blooms. Whilst the sugar provides nourishment to the blooms the vinegar helps in the creation of the perfect pH level. Both of these ingredients help to keep the flowers fresh for a longer time.
Mix one quart of warm water with two tablespoons of both sugar and vinegar. Either white or brown sugar can be used.
Ask any florist. Malvern florists will swear by this tip.

Change the water in the vase daily

Still, water is a favorable environment for bacteria to grow in. Hence changing the water daily is the way to go to preserve their beauty. Remove any wilted or dead florist malvern east while you’re at it.

Place them in the right order

This can be tricky. What’s the right order for flowers? Well, all you need to do is to place them strategically in the vase the same way you would do so while planting them. Make sure the flowers are out of direct sunlight because that speeds up their decaying process. Heat is another killer that needs to be avoided. Be careful if you are opting for the flower delivery. Malvern florists deliver all over Malvern, but be sure to remind them to take extra care so that flowers don’t get squished.

Take care of the aforementioned tips and it’ll surely enhance the longevity of those beautiful blossoms.