Some Incredible Facts About Human Body And What it Does Each Second.

Anatomy & Physiology Miracles do not happen every day, but in every single second, our human body performs multiple miracles. That is right our human bodies are full of complex systems and unimaginable functions. It has been so many years that we are studying human anatomy yet it never fails to surprise us. Only the fact that it performs multiple tasks every day, in fact, each second.
Well, you can study systems of the human body in the fascinating book, ‘Principles of Human Anatomy 14th edition’. But here is a quick read about some interesting human body facts!

Want to know about these facts and functions? Read the article further and you will come across some amazing things to know about anatomy.

Your Brain Receives Trillions of Signals Every Second!

The number of neurons in a human brain exceed from 200 billion. Each of these neurons sends almost 1000 nerve impulses to your brain every second! Now do the math. Yes, the figure is infinite in a way. This proves that the Human Brain is the most powerful machine!

Your Brain Sleep Even When You Are Awake

Winking is a unique phenomenon. Every minute our eyes wink at least 12-14 times. Scientist says that these winks help the brain to take quick naps. So in a way your brain sleeps even when you are active, not asleep. And here we thought our brain never sleeps!

Breathing Is Crucial

Of course, we know that don’t we? Every human breathes every second of the day. We also know that breathing consists of two parts, exhaling and inhaling. But what we don’t know is that in every minute, almost 11mL of oxygen is pumped into us. That makes a lot of oxygen per day!

Reminders to Stay Hydrated

So many advertisements suggest us to stay hydrated. Aur adults recommend drinking as much water as we can. But do you know our body reminds us to stay hydrated as well? Yes, that is the reason you get thirsty. It is the signal from your body to intake water. It keeps updating according to the amount of water, therefore, it is crucial to keep the balance.

Pumping Blood is a Job, Hatts off to Hearts!

Heartbeats can vary to a certain extent. In an adult, it can shift from 60 to 100 beats. But every heartbeat pumps 2.5 ounces of blood. That means it can pump 1.5 gallons of blood per minute!! And here we say hearts are weak.
So these were some astonishing functions our human body perform each minute. But for a better academic version and explanation, buy your copy of Principles of Anatomy 14th edition by Gerard J Tortora.